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Here is where all the various Forums Sub Teams available for Staff Members will be outlined:

Community Manager: _MarshyWJ_ (Community Manager is responsible for co-ordination of all the Forum Sub Teams)
All Sub Teams will be led by an Admin/Management Member and will report to the Community Manager.

Sub Teams:
- Reports Team - A team of Moderators responsible for assisting Forums Manager with handling player reports.
- Rules Committee - A Team of Moderators responsible for updating rules on Server/Forums/Discord, changes must be approved by the Forums Manager
- Forums Moderation - Moderators who police the forums and create a more positive online environment.
- Staff Mentors - A team comprised of Moderators who are responsible for developing the skill set of newer staff members.
- Recruitment Team - A team comprised of Moderators who assist the Forums Manager in replying to all staff/builder/developer applications
- Ideas Team - This team is comprised...
A step by step guide: (Staff/Builder/Developer Applications)

1) Locate the relevant Application template and copy it into your forums post.

2) Fill in all relevant fields with as much detail as you can (where applicable)

3) Double check your application has all the detail you want to include, make sure spelling and grammar are checked.

4) Ensure you are happy with presentation of your application, and double check any links required are included.

5) Submit your application form!

NOTICE: Any questions about the Application process can be posted in the 'Support Website/Discord' Section of the Support Threads.

Welcome to the DairoNetwork Forums!

DairoNetwork is a server that strives to create a fun and positive community within it's realms! We are a server that provides a whole variety of fun and unique gamemodes, each with their own unique features! Our Server is currently in the early stages of development, we are working on a number of cool, new features that we think will make our server stand out! At this time we also welcome any suggestions for additions and improvements that you may have!

The Gamemodes we currently have available are:
- Skyblock
- Minigames (Currently in development - More information will become available upon release)

Notice: Gamemodes are subject to change, as more will be being added over time!
(Potential Game modes - Factions & Kit PvP)

Applications: Applications for Staff, Builders and Developers are all currently open!
Staff Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/staff-applications.12/...
DairoNetwork Frequently asked Questions.

1) What is the Minecraft Server IP?

A) Will be released once the server launches!

2) Where can I find information about the rules for the Minecraft Server/Discord/The Forums?
A) Forum Rules: https://forum.daironetwork.net/threads/daironetwork-forum-rules.33/
A) Discord Rules: https://forum.daironetwork.net/threads/daironetwork-discord-server-rules.32/
A) Minecraft Server Rules: https://forum.daironetwork.net/threads/daironetwork-server-rules.30/

3) Where can I get support if I have any problems with the Minecraft Server/Discord/Tne Forums?
A) Website/Discord Support: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/support-website-discord.8/
A) In Game Support: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/support-game.6/

4) Where can I get support if I have issues with my purchases?
A) Purchase Support...
DairoNetwork Forum Rules:

All In-Game rules are also applicable to the Forums.

- Please only make posts which relate specifically to the Thread under which you are posting them. Unrelated posts will either be removed or transferred to a more related thread.
- Do not Necro-Post. (Necro posting is the act of posting a reply to a forums thread in which the issue/topic has been addressed, or if the thread is over 2 weeks old/has been dormant for an extended period of time)
- Do not ask when a new update to the server/forums will be released, or when it will be completed. This will be announced in a post by the relevant Staff Member.
- Do not advertise personal/other public minecraft servers, unless relating to a specific feature on said servers/
- Pointless and/or incorrect topic threads will be either moved or deleted.
- Do not spam mentions as this will repeatedly notify the user you are mentioning.
- Do not use Bold, Italics, or...
Discord Server Rules

General Server Rules:
- No Bugs/Exploits/Hacks or Glitches are permitted at any time.
- Please also refrain from inviting any unofficial bots to our server, these will be promptly removed.
- Do not exploit any loopholes in the server rules (if these are found please report to server staff)
- No Voice or Text Channel hopping.
- Profile Picture Rules are as Follows:

No Sexually explicit images
No innapropriate images of any kind
No Offensive images of any kind (racially/culturally insensitive images for example)
No Blank Profile pictures

Nickname rules are as follows:

No blank nicknames.
No inappropriate nicknames.
No sexually explicit nicknames.
No offensive nicknames.
No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.

Text Chat Rules:

- Server staff must have their authority respected at all times.

No questioning a Staff Member's decision.
No asking to be given roles/staff roles, these will be applied at...
Minecraft Server Rules:

Malicious Hacks
- Movement hacks are prohibted on all Gamemodes. (Fly Hacks/Speed Hacks/Spider Hacks etc) (1st Offence: 14D Ban 2nd Offence: 30D Ban 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban)
- PVP Cheats are prohibited (Factions and KitPvP) (Reach Hacks/Kill-Aura/Auto Soup) (1st Offence: 14D Ban 2nd Offence: 30D Ban 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban)
- Building Cheats are prohibited on all Gamemodes (1st Offence: Warning 2nd Offence: 14D Ban 3rd Offence: 30D Ban 4th Offence: Permanent Ban)
- Mining Cheats are prohibited on all Gamemodes (X-Ray) (1st Offence: 14D Ban 2nd Offence: 30D Ban 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban)
- All other cheats are also prohibited on all Gamemodes. (1st Offence: 14D Ban 2nd Offence: 30D Ban 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban)

In-Game Glitches
- Duplication Glitches are prohibited on all Gamemodes. (e.g. Duping Diamonds in Factions) (1st Offence: 14d Ban 2nd Offence: 30d Ban 3rd Offence...