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Information DairoNetwork FAQ

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DairoNetwork Frequently asked Questions.

1) What is the Minecraft Server IP?

A) Will be released once the server launches!

2) Where can I find information about the rules for the Minecraft Server/Discord/The Forums?
A) Forum Rules: https://forum.daironetwork.net/threads/daironetwork-forum-rules.33/
A) Discord Rules: https://forum.daironetwork.net/threads/daironetwork-discord-server-rules.32/
A) Minecraft Server Rules: https://forum.daironetwork.net/threads/daironetwork-server-rules.30/

3) Where can I get support if I have any problems with the Minecraft Server/Discord/Tne Forums?
A) Website/Discord Support: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/support-website-discord.8/
A) In Game Support: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/support-game.6/

4) Where can I get support if I have issues with my purchases?
A) Purchase Support: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/support-purchases.7/

5) Where can I find the application forms for Builder/Developer and Staff?
A) Application Forms can be found here:
- Staff Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/staff-applications.12/
- Builder Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/builder-applications.14/
- Developer Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/developer-applications.13/

6) Where can I go to make suggestions?
A) Suggestions can be posted here: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/suggestions.10/

7) Where can I go to make a Bug Report?

A) All Bug reports can be posted here: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/bugreports.9/

8) Where can I go to submit a ticket?
A) Tickets for additional support can be submitted here: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/production-server.25/

9) Where can I go to submit a Ban or Mute Appeal?
A) Ban or Mute appeals can be submitted here: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/ban-mute-appeals.22/

NOTICE: When Submitting a Ban/Mute Appeal, a Support request/Ticket, a Suggestion, a Bug Report, or an application of any kind, please ensure that you keep to the required format. Submissions of incorrect format will be denied.
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