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Information Forums Sub Teams: An Outline.

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Here is where all the various Forums Sub Teams available for Staff Members will be outlined:

Community Manager: _MarshyWJ_ (Community Manager is responsible for co-ordination of all the Forum Sub Teams)
All Sub Teams will be led by an Admin/Management Member and will report to the Community Manager.

Sub Teams:
- Reports Team - A team of Moderators responsible for assisting Forums Manager with handling player reports.
- Rules Committee - A Team of Moderators responsible for updating rules on Server/Forums/Discord, changes must be approved by the Forums Manager
- Forums Moderation - Moderators who police the forums and create a more positive online environment.
- Staff Mentors - A team comprised of Moderators who are responsible for developing the skill set of newer staff members.
- Recruitment Team - A team comprised of Moderators who assist the Forums Manager in replying to all staff/builder/developer applications
- Ideas Team - This team is comprised of Moderators/Community Members who excel at coming up with new ideas to keep the server fresh.
- Quality Assurance - This Team is responsible for testing new additions/updates on the forums/discord/server to ensure they will function to the highest standard. (Will work with the Ideas Team)
- Event Management - This is a team comprised of Moderators who help the Team Lead (Admin) and Community Manager with the hosting of events (server or discord)

NOTICE: Leaders of Sub Teams (Admins) are also expected to perform the duties of the sub team they lead, e.g reading, accepting/rejecting applications.
NOTICE: Moderators may be part of more than one Sub Team if they are available to fulfil both sets of duties to the best of their availablity.
NOTICE: More experienced Moderators may, in the future be asked if they would like to head up a Staff Sub Team.
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