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News Server Introduction

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Welcome to the DairoNetwork Forums!

DairoNetwork is a server that strives to create a fun and positive community within it's realms! We are a server that provides a whole variety of fun and unique gamemodes, each with their own unique features! Our Server is currently in the early stages of development, we are working on a number of cool, new features that we think will make our server stand out! At this time we also welcome any suggestions for additions and improvements that you may have!

The Gamemodes we currently have available are:
- Skyblock
- Minigames (Currently in development - More information will become available upon release)

Notice: Gamemodes are subject to change, as more will be being added over time!
(Potential Game modes - Factions & Kit PvP)

Applications: Applications for Staff, Builders and Developers are all currently open!
Staff Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/staff-applications.12/
Builder Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/builder-applications.14/
Developer Application: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/developer-applications.13/
A Step by Step Guide on How to Apply is available here:
We have also set up an FAQ page which has answers to all the questions you may need support with!
The FAQ can be located here: https://forum.daironetwork.net/forums/news.2/

Thanks, and See you on the Server!
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